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Bare PR You Are Nature and Blemished Skin Weleda launch

The Northern Club

A mix of media, Influencers and makeup artists were invited by Weleda NZ to a morning tea for the launch of Blemished Skin Care Range and You Are Nature campaign.
As guests entered they were greeted at the entrance to The Wintergarden Room, inside The Northern Club, that featured a display of two hero ranges for Weleda – Skin Food and Pomegranate.
Guests were treated to morning tea that included ingredients from the new Blemished Skin Care range before hearing from Helen Wilkes.
Helen took guests through a brief history of Weleda and their global accreditations before talking about their, You Are Nature campaign, how it was arrived at and the new Blemished Skin Care range launching soon.
Guests were able to take their own selfies in front of the new You Are Nature imagery and sample products.
On their You Are Nature campaign, Weleda NZ comment that, "on average we spend between 80 to 90 per cent of our lifetime cut off from nature, in closed and frequently air-conditioned rooms - at home or work. When we do reconnect with nature and immerse ourselves in the natural world, we seem to also reconnect to ourselves and instantly feel more alive. There’s an inner realisation or an intuitive reminder that we, as human beings, need to feel part of nature to function optimally. Because we too are nature. The ‘You Are Nature’ campaign was developed to re-ignite the awareness around the precious link between nature and ourselves. Celebrating that we’re not separate from one another and inspiring consumers to find their natural counterpart within the Weleda range, which is made entirely from ingredients sourced responsibly from the natural world."

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